ilumi is Simple, Bright & Smart.


The ilumi Smartbulb is a color-tunable LED light bulb you can control and program wirelessly through your mobile device using Bluetooth Low-Energy. Using the free app, you can adjust the color and brightness of your lighting or explore amazing built-in programs to experience lighting like never before. Plus, ilumi lasts up to 20 years and is 5x more energy efficient than a regular bulb.


ilumi is an advanced wireless lighting system in a light bulb, that's easy to install. No boxes, bridges, routers or other complications.


 The All New ilumi Smartstrip

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The ilumi Smartbulb

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ilumi Feature Highlights

Simple Whole Home Control
Start with one or outfit your home. Only ilumi has robust & long-range Bluetooth mesh for control of 1 - 50+ ilumi at a time.


No Hub or Wi-Fi Required
Plug & play setup without bridges, routers, or other hassles. Your ilumi will be up-and-running in seconds.


Enhance the Switch
Unlike any other, ilumi allows you to set and store your own everyday “Power On” default for light that’s just right whether you use the switch or app.


Vacation Security
Hey, you’re home! Or are you? Have your lights randomly turn on & off while you’re away.


Music’s New Best Friend
Sync your music and watch your Smartbulbs move to the beat of your fancy dancing feet.


Discover a World of Color
Create the perfect atmosphere. Only ilumi with HyperLux® shines brightly with every vibrant color under the rainbow.


Light Your Routine
With a clock inside every ilumi, enjoy the exact lighting you want on your schedule. Convenient? Absolutely.


Long Lasting & Energy Efficient
The most energy efficient Smartbulb, ilumi pays for itself! And enjoy up to 20 years of beautiful light.


Make ‘em Say Wow
Dine in candlelight. Bathe under the Northern Lights. Relax beside a glowing fire. Set the mood with ilumi.


Detect Your Presence
Sensing your phone proximity, your lights can automatically turn on & off without hitting a switch. It’s alive! Sort of.




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