ilumi LED Smartbulbs Help You Live Your Light

Detect Your Presence
Sensing your phone proximity, your lights can automatically turn on & off without hitting a switch. It’s alive! Sort of.



Make ‘em Say Wow
Dine in candlight. Bathe under the Northern Lights. Relax beside a glowing fire. Set the mood with ilumi.



Discover a World of Color
Create the perfect atmosphere. Only ilumi with HyperLux® shines brightly with every vibrant color under the rainbow.



Vacation Security
Hey, you’re home! Or are you? Have your lights randomly turn on & off while you’re away.



Music’s New Best Friend
Sync your music and watch your Smartbulbs move to the beat of your fancy dancing feet.

Light Your Routine
With a clock inside every ilumi, enjoy the exact lighting you want on your schedule. Convenient? Absolutely.



Simple Whole Home Control
Start with one or outfit your home. Only ilumi has robust & long-range Bluetooth mesh for control of 1 - 50+ ilumi at a time.



No Hub or Wi-Fi Required
Plug & play setup without bridges, routers, or other hassles. Your ilumi will be up-and-running in seconds.



Enhance the Switch
Unlike any other, ilumi allows you to set and store your own everyday “Power On” default for light that’s just right.



Long Lasting & Energy Efficient
The most energy efficient Smartbulb, ilumi pays for itself! And enjoy up to 20 years of beautiful light.