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ilumi is an advanced wireless lighting control system that's easy to install at a fraction of the cost

ilumi offers a sophisticated yet affordable lighting system for your commercial needs



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"ilumi really sets the mood for our artists. The ability to create a vibe in a recording studio is extremely important and ilumi lights finally gives us the ability to create any vibe we want at the touch of a button.

-Yudu Gray Jr., CEO 
House Studio
Washington, D.C.


"In order to upgrade my banquet hall and attract more business I invested in interactive lights. I also installed 32 ilumi lights. The goal was to offer my clients the opportunity to change the color of the banquet room.

As it turns out the ilumi lights are much more popular than the interactive dance lights. It is amazing how the entire room changes to the color of the clients choice. The atmosphere of the parties are now amazing. It is all my clients are talking about.

The ilumi app is super easy to use and allows for quick set up. I can call upon preset color scenes with the touch of a button on my iPhone. I can even program the lights to turn on or change color at pre-selected times. The options for colors are virtually unlimited. I can dim the lights from my iPhone if I want.

I would recommend the Ilumi lights to anyone who owns a hall, night club, restaurant or any business that wants to have an edge on their competitors. And the tech support is second to none."

Ken Carney
West River Hall
West Haven, Ct

"ilumi lights have the interactivity of expensive theatrical lighting built into a light bulb that fits into a standard fixture. This is a huge development for our innovative art known as Metalagram®, made entirely on aluminum. Prior to discovering ilumi lights we were developing an integrated lighting system to work with our art since theatrical lighting in both excessive in cost and not desirable for most installations.

With ilumi lights we can achieve the illumination our artwork in order to see our hand metal art and to experience the interactivity of our art.

Traditional LED lighting with our art illuminate the art but does not even come close to allowing for the interactive possibilities now made possible with ilumi. We’ve just returned from the London Biennale 2015 where we won 2nd prize and we used the ilumi light during the Exhibition. We believe the ilumni light played a key role in our receiving this prestigious Award.

All of our collectors who have seen our art with the ilumi lights want the lights for their art!"

Linda Shinkle Rodney
Shinkle Fine Art, LLC
@shinklefineart on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 


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